Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama solicits money from foreigners

The plea is blatant as so is the deliberate disabling of AVS (address verification).

This is worse than Watergate. The one thing saving Obama from certain impeachment/imprisonment for blatant violation of campaign finance laws is the fact that he' a Chicago Democrat.

Final Countdown - Case Against Obama

Obama: Not Ready, Too Extreme

Obama is Unaccomplished and Inexperienced

  • Zero executive experience, zero military experience
  • No major Federal legislative accomplishments
  • Ran for President after only one year in office as U.S. Senator
  • Was wrong about Iraq ‘surge’ strategy; France’s President calls Obama’s Iran policy “na├»ve”; idea to sit with foreign dictators without preconditions is dangerous

Obama has Extreme Liberal Record and Positions

  • National Journal rated Obama the most liberal U.S. Senator in 2007
  • Anti-taxpayer big spender: Americans for Tax Reform - 0% rating, Citizens Against Government Waste - 13%
  • Pro-higher taxes: Voted 94 times in 4 short years for higher taxes. Obama in the past year has proposed higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes, and raising capital gains taxes.
  • Supports pork and earmarks for special interests: Steered $1 billion in earmarks to Illinois; supports Federal funding for ACORN.
  • Big spender: Proposes $800 billion in new spending for next 4 years
  • Open borders, pro-amnesty: Federation for American Immigration Reform - 0% Support US Border Patrol - 8%
  • Opposes 2nd A gun rights: NRA “F” rating, supported DC gun ban, Gun Owners of America - 0%
  • Weak on law and order: Voted in IL against death penalty for gangland murderers.
  • Pro-abortion extremist: Voted against Born-alive Infant Protection Act (to stop infanticide); Supports taxpayer-funded abortions and voted against partial-birth abortion bans; NARAL 100% rating.
  • Voted against Domestic Drilling offshore and in ANWR.
  • Wants to appoint liberal activist Judges to legislate liberal social policy from the bench. Liberal ratings: ACLU - 83%, NEA – 100%.

Obama’s radical, extremist and corrupt associations

  • Obama called Rev Jeremiah Wright, of Trinity UCC, a Black Liberation Theology church, his mentor and attended Trinity UCC for 20 years.
  • Obama spent $100 million with radical William Ayers on failed radical education ideas and sat with him on boards of leftwing foundations
  • Obama worked with ACORN to sue banks to relax lending, a factor in initiating subprime lending that led to the current housing crisis
  • Obama got a sweetheart deal on his Chicago home with help from convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko. Rezko gave Obama $250,000 in contributions and got millions in Government grants that Obama helped obtain for him.

Fire the Democratic Leaders

End the Democrat Majority in Congress

The current Democrat majority in Congress is bad for the country

· Since Democrat Nancy Pelosi became speaker in 2006, the price of oil rose, the stock market fell, unemployment rose, and the economy has sputtered.

· Democrat threats and passage of tax increases, and their attacks on businesses and energy producers have taken a toll on the economy.

· The Democrat Congress has spent over $1 trillion and counting on bailouts this year alone. Spending has increased 12% this year, faster than ever.

· They broke promises to cut earmarks - instead they increased them.

· Pork barrel spending has skyrocketed, e.g., $200 billion farm bill. Special interest giveaways are rampant, like the 'alternative energy bill' that had a hidden $1 billion gift to trial lawyers.

· The Democrats have been drill-nowhere do-nothing on domestic energy opposing the opening up off offshore drilling to reduce energy imports.

· Democrats prevented oversight of Fannie Mae in 2005, which could have prevented the housing bubble.

Obama plus Democrat control in Congress will be worse

  • Job-killing and economy-harming “cap and trade” regulations on CO2.
  • Special interest giveaways. For trial lawyers: Repealing tort reform. For abortion providers: “Freedom of Choice” act that will bring back taxpayer-funding of abortions. For ACORN – channeling ‘bailout’ money to activists.
  • Federal Government health-care takeover, adding mandates, increasing costs, shifting millions from private healthcare into Government plans.
  • Bailouts, giveaways, and spending increases without end!
  • Higher taxes that will kill jobs and harm the economy – Obama’s tax plan is no ‘tax cut’ at all, but a massive increase in Government transfer payments (welfare mislabeled as a ‘tax cut’) combined with $100 billion in higher taxes. Marginal tax rates go up to the highest levels in 20 years.
  • Attacks on free speech: "fairness doctrine" to end talk radio
  • Undermining workers and employer rights with ‘compulsory arbitration, and ending the secret ballot for union elections (“check card”).
  • Undermining traditional marriage by repealing Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Social Security benefits and drivers licenses for illegal aliens.
  • Inciting voter fraud by passing same-day registration, stopping picture ID for voting, allowing felons to vote.

Democrat control of our Federal Government will be bad for America


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stop Obama's Socialism

A final message to voters as they head to the polls. We have a chance to slow down the socialism train, but only if we defeat Democrats in elections.

How McCain can pull it off by Dick Morris mentions: "Warn voters of impending socialism in America"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama exposed on giving illegal aliens Social Security

Republican National Trust PAC sent this message:

This 30-second ad exposes Obama's 'dirty little secret the media won't talk about' — his radical plan to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits and Medicaid, full healthcare coverage.

By Obama's own count there are 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and he wants them all getting government benefits. Obama has stated he also wants to give each and everyone of them amnesty and citizenship.
As for them learning English, he has stated he thinks American kids, your kids, should learn Spanish.

There is no doubt this man is the most radical leftist ever nominated by the Democratic party.

We have already exposed Obama's shocking plan to give illegals driver's licenses — even though everyone knows the 9/11 plot began with 13 of the 19 terrorists getting driver's licenses.

As the American people find out about Obama and his plans, they will turn on him.

McCain can still win this.
Take a moment today to:

See our New TV Ad 'Obama's Social Security Plan for Illegals' — Go Here Now

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Obama/Democrat Agenda

Obama’s record is liberal:
Proabortion extremist: Planned Parenthood - 100% Support, National Right To Life - 0% Support, NARAL - 100% Support
Population Connection - 100% Support (These are the ‘Zero Growth’ freaks)
Anti-taxpayer tax-and-spend liberal: Americans for Tax Reform - 0% Support, Citizens Against Government Waste - 13% Support
Very Liberal: ACLU - 83% Support ,
Anti-gun-owner: Gun Owners of America - 0% Support, NRA - “F” Rating
Pro-amnesty open-borders extremist: Federation for American Immigration Reform - 0% Support US Border Patrol - 8% Support
Supports Big Unions: Unions - 82% - 100% Support, NEA - 100% Support

Voting against death penalty for gangland murderers.

The Democrats are the STATUS QUO party in Congress. Since liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi became speaker after 2006 elections, the price of oil rose, the stock market fell,
unemployment rose, the economy sputtered. The Democrats’ threats of tax increases and their attacks on businesses and markets and energy producers have had a toll on the economy.
The Democrats tried and failed to lose the war in Iraq, but they have managed instead to break promises to cut earmarks (they made it worse), and have spent over $1 trillion
and counting on bailouts this year alone. They want more - money from the taxpayer to new govt welfare cases, with a slice for their special interests on the side;
Like the ‘alternative energy bill’ that somehow included $50 billion in new taxes yet had a hidden $1 billion gift to trial lawyers.

Here is what Obama and the Democrats have in store:

  • Regulation overdrive that will kill jobs
  • Special interest giveaways to groups like ACORN
  • Government takeover of health-care, shifting as many a 50 million more people into a Government run plan (See below, Obama ultimately wants single payer aka 100% Socialized medicine!)
  • pork barrel-overspending, like the $200 billion farm bill the Pelosi Congress passed, and the $1+ TRILLION in bailouts this year; Pelosi wants another bailout for $300 billion, on top of the $700 billion for wall street, $300 billion housing bailout and $100 billion govt check giveaway - when will it end?
  • Pro-abortion extremism, including taxpayer funded abortions and ‘Freedom of Choice’ Act, which will override state desires to protect unborn life
  • Amnesty for illegal aliens, and drivers licenses for illegal aliens, which Obama supports
  • No drilling in ANWR or offshore, and an anti-energy policy that won’t allow full exploration offshore; it means higher energy prices
  • Trade policies that are the worst since Herbert Hoover (who created a depression out of similar policies)
  • Higher taxes that will kill jobs; Obama in the past year proposed higher payroll taxes, higher income taxes, and raising the capital gains taxes from 15% to 25%. Now in the general election, Obama has flipflopped on it, but he will surely flipflop back in order to make taxpayers pay for his $800 billion in spending promises that he can’t keep without higher taxes.
  • Job-killing ‘cap-and-trade’ CO2 regulations
  • Attacks on free speech, with “fairness doctrine” attacks on talk radio, and political correctness attacks on free speech( Missouri DAs investigating people who say bad things about Obama)
  • Attacks on the ballot box, by ending the secret ballot for union elections, and by opposing voter ID laws
  • Gay marriage: Obama opposes Cali prop 8, in effect signalling that he supports gay marriage, andObama and the Democrat platform calls for the repeal of DOMA to take gay marriage nationwide; they will enforce ENDA, gay rights in the workplace and a tort lawyers dream and HR dept nightmare, and the result will be attacks on religious organizations and groups that dare to take an opposing moral position; gays openly in the military
  • Appointment of liberal activist Judges, who will be handpicked to overrule the people and legislate liberal social policy from the bench.


We are all Joe the Plumber

Tito Speaks out and give a liberal MSM flunkie a piece of his mind.

Obama is a Socialist

Star Parker says it and I agree.